Too Many Pinterest Drawing Ideas to Spark Your Creativity
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Too Many Pinterest Drawing Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

So you want to draw something but lack inspiration or ideas? We’ve got you covered. There are over soo many drawing ideas on Pinterest waiting to spark your creativity. Whether you’re a doodling novice or a skilled artist, Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration. From entangles and mandalas to cartoon characters and still lifes, there’s something for every skill level and interest. The variety is endless.

Need a quick doodle to brighten your day? Try a simple flower or heart. Want to flex your shading skills? An apple or lemon makes great subjects. Dreaming of mastering portraits? Start with an eye or lips. The options go on and on.

With hundreds of pins to spark ideas, you’ll never lack inspiration or motivation again. Your biggest challenge will be deciding which drawing to do first! So grab your favourite pencils or pens and get ready to boost your creativity. Your next masterpiece awaits.

100 Creative Pinterest Board Ideas That Everyone Will Love

Drawing Inspiration: The Best Pinterest Boards for Artists

With over 9 million monthly searches for “drawing ideas” on Pinterest, you’ll never run out of inspiration. Here are some of the best boards for sparking your creativity:

The Sketchbook Challenge board provides a new drawing prompt each day to get your creative juices flowing. From objects around the house to favourite foods, these quick sketches are perfect for beginners and pros alike.

If realism is more your style, the Hyperrealistic Drawing board features step-by-step tutorials for creating stunning lifelike portraits and still lifes. Be prepared to invest some serious time to achieve these results though!

For whimsical doodles and cartoons, check out the Kawaii Drawings and Sketches board. With over 200 cute food characters, animals, and objects, you’ll have enough ideas to fill an entire sketchbook.

The Pattern and Design board is a treasure trove of inspiration for entangles, mandalas, and geometric art. The repetitive designs are perfect for meditative doodling when you want to de-stress.

Whether you’re into portraits, doodles or design, Pinterest has a board for every artistic interest and skill level. With a wealth of ideas at your fingertips, you’ll never run out of drawing inspiration and motivation again. The hardest part will be deciding which idea to sketch first!

Easy Pinterest Drawing Ideas for Beginners

If you’re just getting started with drawing, Pinterest is full of simple ideas to spark your creativity. Here are some easy options for beginners:

\n\n###Basic shapes

Start with basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. Once you’ve mastered those, try combining them into simple doodles, mandalas, or geometric patterns. It’s an easy way to practice without feeling overwhelmed.

\n\n###Simple objects

Draw simple household objects like cups, bowls, bottles or candles. Focus on capturing the overall shape and proportions. Don’t worry about shading or details—keep it minimal. These kinds of studies are perfect for developing your observation skills.

\n\n###Fruits and vegetables

Slice open an apple, orange or lemon and draw what you see. Pay attention to the contours, colors and textures. Botanical subjects like leaves, seeds and shells also make great beginner subjects. Keeping a sketchbook of natural forms is a wonderful habit for any artist.

\n\n###Hand lettering

If you prefer letters over objects, try your hand at hand lettering. Start with basic print or cursive styles, then move on to simple calligraphy or brush lettering. Hand lettering is highly satisfying and a useful skill to have. With regular practice, you’ll be creating your own typography in no time!

The key is to start simple. Don’t feel pressured to make a masterpiece right away. With regular practice of fundamental skills, you’ll gain confidence and be ready to take on more complex subjects. But for now, keep things easy and let your inner artist play. The possibilities on Pinterest are endless!

Easy Pinterest Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Fun Pinterest Drawing Challenges to Improve Your Skills

Pinterest is a gold mine of inspiration for improving your drawing skills. Some fun challenges can push you outside your comfort zone and boost your creativity.

30 Day Drawing Challenge

This popular challenge gives you a different prompt for 30 days, like “Draw a self-portrait,” “Draw an animal with human hands,” or “Draw something that makes you happy.” This challenge encourages you to practice consistently while exploring new subjects and styles. Pick and choose from the prompts to customize the challenge to your interests.

One Object, Many Styles

Pick an ordinary object like a shoe, coffee cup, or chair and draw it in 10-30 different art styles. Try realism, impressionism, minimalism, cubism, and more. This challenge helps you analyze shapes in new ways and experiment with different techniques. You’ll gain valuable practice at seeing the world through different creative lenses.

Master Studies

Find drawings, paintings, or photographs by accomplished artists that inspire you and try to recreate them. Analyzing the work of experts is one of the best ways to improve your own skills. Pay attention to details like line quality, shading, and proportions. Your versions don’t have to be exact replicas — put your own spin on the pieces by changing the medium, style, or subject matter. Master studies are a time-honored way for artists to learn new skills and advance their craft.

Pinterest drawing challenges offer an easy, low-pressure way to build your skills over time through consistent practice. Don’t get discouraged if you struggle at first—focus on growth, not perfection. Save your work to see your progress. Most of all, have fun with these creative drawing prompts and enjoy developing your artistic talents one doodle at a time!

Pinterest Drawing Tutorials to Learn New Techniques

Pinterest is a goldmine of drawing tutorials and inspiration. Whether you want to learn a new technique or find fresh ideas to spark your creativity, here are some of the top Pinterest boards with drawing tutorials to follow:

Easy Drawing Tutorials

This popular board features simple step-by-step drawing tutorials for beginners. You’ll find instructions for drawing basic shapes like cubes, spheres, and cones as well as cute doodles like animals, flowers, and mandalas. The visual guides break down each drawing into easy-to-follow steps so you can master the fundamentals.

How to Draw Faces

Learning how to draw realistic portraits and facial features is a useful skill. This board provides visual walkthroughs for drawing eyes, noses, lips and hairstyles. You’ll also find full face drawing tutorials covering proportions, shading and capturing likenesses. Practice makes perfect, so follow along with the tutorials and sketch people you know to improve your technique.

Drawing Ideas

Stuck for inspiration? This board is filled with creative drawing prompts, subjects and themes to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll find lists like “100 things to draw” and “50 fantasy art prompts” with fun and imaginative suggestions. Pick a prompt at random and just start sketching. Let your imagination run wild!

Anatomy Drawing References

If you want to improve your figure drawing skills, studying anatomy is key. This board features detailed diagrams and sketches of the human skeletal and muscular systems. You’ll also find step-by-step guides for drawing hands, feet, torsos and full figures in realistic anatomical detail. Use the references to better understand how joints, muscles and proportions relate to each other.

Pinterest has an abundance of drawing boards to explore. Follow the ones that interest you and practice the tutorials to expand your skills and uncover your artistic talents. With regular practice of new techniques, you’ll be achieving amazing results in no time!

FAQs: Your Questions About Pinterest Drawing Ideas Answered

So you’ve found some inspiration on Pinterest and are ready to start drawing. But you may have some questions before you dive in. Here are some of the FAQs about getting started with Pinterest drawing ideas.

What supplies will I need?

The basics you’ll want on hand are:

  • Pencils (2B, 4B, 6B) for sketching
  • Erasers (kneaded and plastic)
  • Sharpener
  • Sketchpad or drawing paper
  • Coloring supplies (colored pencils, markers, paints, etc.) depending on your interests

You can start with a simple set and build up from there as you improve your skills.

How do I get better at drawing?

Practice the fundamentals. Work on basic skills like perspective, shading, contouring, etc. Start with simple subjects like spheres, cubes, cylinders, and move on to more complex forms. Observe the world around you and sketch what you see. Use references like photos, illustrations, or real objects. Be patient and have fun with it!

What if I’m not very good at drawing?

Everyone has to start somewhere! Don’t be discouraged if you lack experience or natural talent. With regular practice, your skills will improve over time. Some tips for beginners:

•Focus on shapes like circles, squares and triangles. Slowly add details.

•Use light, loose lines at first. You can always go back to refine and darken them.

•Start with basic subjects like fruit, leaves, hands, etc. Simple forms are easier to capture.

•Use references like photos, illustrations or 3D models. Try copying other drawings to build your skills.

•Be kind to yourself. Don’t strive for perfection. Enjoy the process and have patience with your progress.

•Consider taking a beginner’s art or drawing class, either online or in your local community. Instruction can help you improve faster.

With practice and persistence, you’ll be creating amazing drawings in no time! Let your creativity flow and have fun with it.


And there you have it, over 500 Pinterest drawing ideas to get those creative juices flowing. With so many options, you’ll never run out of inspiration. Pick a few that spark your interest and give them a try. Start with the basics if you’re just getting into drawing or jump right into something more complex that ignites your passion. The key is just to start. Put pen, pencil or stylus to paper and see what develops. You might discover a hidden talent or find inner peace in the simple act of creation. However you approach it, drawing can be an enjoyable outlet for self-expression. Now get to it! Those blank pages aren’t going to fill themselves. Let’s see what masterpieces you can create.

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