50 Gorgeous Pinterest Bulletin Board Ideas for Fall
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50 Gorgeous Pinterest Bulletin Board Ideas for Fall

Fall is in the air, and you can already feel the crispness and see the changing colors. The summer heat has faded, sweaters and boots are making their way out of storage, and you’re craving all things cozy. As the seasons change, your bulletin board could probably use an update too. Why not bring a little autumn inspiration to your space? We’ve rounded up 50 gorgeous Pinterest bulletin board ideas perfect for fall. From colorful leaves and acorns to plaid patterns and harvest motifs, you’ll find plenty of pin-worthy designs to brighten up your board. So grab a cup of hot apple cider, light a fall-scented candle, and get ready for some serious autumn bulletin board eye candy.

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Rustic Fall Pinterest Board Ideas

Want to create a rustic fall bulletin board for your classroom or office? We’ve got some gorgeous Pinterest-inspired ideas to get you started.

Collect natural elements like leaves, acorns, pine cones, and branches to create a woodsy collage. Arrange them on your board for a simple nature-themed design. You can also spray the leaves and acorns gold or red for a pop of autumn color.

Use burlap, denim, or canvas as a textured background. Then add ribbon, twine, or rope to attach photos, notes, and fall artwork. Tiny clothespins are perfect for hanging little details.

Spell out inspiring words like ‘grateful’, ‘blessings’, or ‘harvest’ with Scrabble tiles, wooden letters, or cardboard cutouts. Surround the words with pressed fall foliage or washi tape for extra flair.

Don’t forget the fall colors! Incorporate orange, red, and yellow paper, fabric, ribbon, string, or yarn into your display. Fallen leaves, mini pumpkins, or gourds also make great seasonal accents.

Use natural wood crates, buckets, baskets, or boxes to corral supplies, notes, reminders, and seasonal decor on your board. Label each container to keep everything organized.

With a rustic color palette, natural textures, and whimsical fall touches you’ll have an autumnal Pinterest board to be thankful for! Let your creativity shine through and most of all, have fun with it. A personalized board will make the season feel extra cozy. Happy pinning!

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Fall Floral Pinterest Board Inspiration

If you’re looking for fall floral inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Pinterest is bursting with gorgeous bulletin board ideas featuring autumn blooms. Here are some of our favorites:

🍂Dahlias and sunflowers. Bright orange dahlias pair perfectly with sunny sunflowers. Group several flowers together in a vase or basket for a big burst of color.

🍂Chrysanthemums. ‘Mums come in autumnal shades of rust, copper, and burgundy. They have petals that unfold into pom-poms, giving them a whimsical look. Display a few potted ‘mums together on your board.

🍂Goldenrod. This yellow wildflower adds a pop of bright gold to your fall floral arrangements. Its spiky blooms work nicely when bundled together. Goldenrod also has an earthy, herbal scent that evokes the changing seasons.

🍂Asters. Delicate purple asters, also known as Michaelmas daisies, bloom prolifically in the fall. Their petite, star-shaped flowers cluster together in sprays that you can clip and pin to your board.

🍂Berries and greenery. Don’t forget to include berries, branches, pine cones and autumn leaves in your arrangements. They provide seasonal texture, color and interest. Bittersweet vine, ivy, and eucalyptus are some popular greenery options.

With the abundance of autumn flowers and natural elements, you’ll have no shortage of inspiration for a stunning fall-themed floral Pinterest board. Gather items from your garden or local florist and get pinning! Your followers will be delighted with your autumnal creations.

Pumpkin Patch & Harvest Pinterest Boards

Rustic & Cozy

A rustic, cozy pumpkin patch board is perfect for fall. Pin images of:

  • Old wooden crates filled with pumpkins, gourds and hay
  • Wheelbarrows overflowing with squash and corn stalks
  • Bales of hay with plaid blankets for an impromptu picnic
  • Lanterns, candles and string lights to create a warm glow

Autumn Colors

An autumn-themed board with rich fall colors will brighten up your space. Look for pins showcasing:

  • Orange pumpkins paired with burgundy mums
  • Golden sunflowers next to deep purple eggplants
  • Red apples artfully arranged in a wooden basket
  • A color palette of orange, red, yellow and brown leaves for inspiration

Farmhouse Style

For a charming farmhouse look, pin pictures of:

  • Galvanized metal buckets, troughs and containers holding pumpkins and gourds
  • Burlap sacks, grain bags and coffee bean bags used as rustic table runners or chair cushions
  • Enamelware in autumnal colors like forest green, burnt orange and sunflower yellow
  • Vintage signs with harvest-themed words and phrases like “Pumpkin Patch,” “Apple Picking” or “Fall Y’all”

DIY & Crafts

Get creative with some easy DIY projects for your board like:

  • Painted or decoupaged pumpkins for a custom look
  • Mason jar luminarias or vases filled with colorful fall foliage
  • Cinnamon dough ornaments shaped like leaves, acorns, or squirrels
  • A felt pumpkin garland to drape over your mantle

With gorgeous seasonal photos, autumn-hued colors, and rustic DIY projects, a Pinterest pumpkin patch board will inspire you to bring the coziness of fall into your home. Displaying these pins on your actual bulletin board will create a warm and welcoming space for you and your visitors.

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Cozy Fall Pinterest Board Themes

Fall is the perfect time to refresh your Pinterest board and pin cozy new themes to get you in the mood for the changing season. Here are some gorgeous fall Pinterest board themes to inspire you:

Cozy Cabin Core

Embrace the cozy cabin life with pins of crackling fireplaces, knit blankets, cinnamon brooms, and autumn wreaths. Add in photos of rustic cabins, fall foliage, and mugs of hot apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes. Your followers will be dreaming of an idyllic autumn escape.

Fall Fashionista

Show off your inner fashionista with a board dedicated to the latest fall fashion trends. Pin photos of stylish outfits like ankle boots, skinny jeans, chunky sweaters, plaid shirts, felt hats, and scarves. Don’t forget accessories like cozy gloves, statement necklaces, and crossbody bags. Your followers will get outfit inspiration for every occasion.

DIY Autumn Decor

Get crafty with a DIY autumn decor board filled with pins of homemade fall decorations, wreaths, centerpieces, wall art, porch pots, and other decorative accents. Share easy tutorials for things like burlap pumpkins, acorn garlands, pine cone candle holders, and maple leaf dream catchers. Your DIY-loving followers will eagerly await your latest autumn inspiration.

Comfort Food Favorites

What’s fall without delicious comfort food? Create a board dedicated to recipes for classic fall favorites like pumpkin pie, apple cider donuts, beef stew, chili, soups, pot pies, casseroles, and more. Pin mouthwatering photos of each dish along with links to the recipes. Your followers’ stomachs will be growling and they’ll be pinning recipes to try themselves all season long.

A variety of gorgeous fall themes will give your Pinterest followers autumn inspiration and keep them engaged on your boards. Curate a collection of your favorite cozy, stylish, crafty, and delicious pins to capture the spirit of the fall season. Happy pinning!

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DIY Fall Pinterest Board Ideas to Pin Now

Fall Leaf Wreath

A fall leaf wreath is perfect for decorating your front door. Gather leaves in autumn colors like red, orange, and yellow from your yard or a local park. Arrange the leaves in a circle on the floor until you have the shape and size you want. Glue the leaves onto a straw or wire wreath form to hold them in place. Add ribbon, string, or twine around the edges to cover up the form and give it a rustic look. This DIY wreath idea is simple but makes a big impact.

Fall Tree Silhouette

Cut a black tree silhouette from cardboard or felt and adhere it to a bulletin board. Have students, friends, or family members trace their hands to make fall-colored “leaves” to place on the tree. You can also have them write what they’re thankful for on the handprint leaves. This creates an interactive fall display and is perfect for a classroom or office.

Fall Leaf Garland

String up fall colored felt or paper leaves to make a festive garland. Start with a long piece of twine, yarn or ribbon. Cut leaf shapes from orange, red and yellow felt or cardstock and punch a hole at the top of each leaf. Thread the leaves onto the twine at varying intervals until you have a garland as long as you want. Drape the leaf garland over your bulletin board, doorways or windows. This crafty DIY idea brings fall colors and a handmade touch to any space.

Fall Leaf Collages

Have students or coworkers make collages from fall leaves, magazine clippings and scrap paper. Provide supplies like glue sticks, paper, fall colored paper scraps and have everyone collect leaves from outside. Arrange the leaves, paper scraps and clippings on the paper to make a cohesive collage. Mount the finished collages onto your bulletin board for an interactive fall display bursting with seasonal colors and creativity.

Fall Chalkboard Sign

Paint plywood, particle board or a large piece of wood with chalkboard paint. Once dry, use fall colored chalk to write an inspirational message, favorite quote or seasonal greeting on the chalkboard. You can also have students or coworkers write what they’re grateful for. Erase and re-write whenever you want to change the message. Display the fall chalkboard sign on your bulletin board or prop it up on an easel. This DIY idea is endlessly customizable for the perfect fall touch.


So there you have it, 50 stunning Pinterest bulletin board ideas to inspire your fall decorating. Whether you’re looking for simple nature-inspired designs or want to go all out with an autumnal masterpiece, there are plenty of options to spark your creativity. The best part is you can pick and choose elements from different boards to create a custom look that fits your space and personal style. Now all that’s left to do is gather your supplies, pin up your favorite ideas, and enjoy your gorgeous fall-themed bulletin board. The changing season will be here before you know it, so get started today, and happy pinning!

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