Pinterest Pin Limits: How Many Pins Per Day Are Allowed?
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Pinterest Pin Limits: How Many Pins Per Day Are Allowed?

You’ve got a killer Pinterest board started and the pinning bug has bitten you hard. Your creative juices are flowing and you’re finding tons of great content you want to share with your followers. But wait – have you hit the Pinterest pin limit yet? Before you get pin-happy, it’s important to know the daily maximum so you don’t get temporarily banned from pinning or have any of your pins removed. Pinterest allows you a certain number of pins per day to keep their platform running smoothly and avoid overloading their systems. So what’s the magic number and how can you make the most of your daily pin limit? Read on to get the details, tips, and tricks to pin to your heart’s content without going over the limit.

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Pinterest Pin Limit: What Is the Maximum Number of Pins Per Day?

So you’ve become a Pinterest power user and want to know how many pins you’re allowed to add each day. The good news is Pinterest does allow a generous amount of pins per day. The bad news is there is a limit, and going over it can lead to your account being flagged.

Pinterest’s pin limit is around 500 pins per day for most users. This number can vary a bit based on factors like how long you’ve been a member, how engaged your followers are, and if you pin commercial content. As a general rule of thumb though, aim for 200-500 pins per day to be safe.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Space out your pinning during the day, don’t do it all at once. Pin in batches of 50-100 pins at a time with breaks in between.
  • Not all pins are counted the same. Repins of your own content and pins from your website are counted less than pins of new visual content.
  • Watch your stats to see how many repins and likes your pins are getting. If engagement is low, you may want to cut back. High quality is better than high quantity.
  • If you do go over the limit, Pinterest may temporarily block you from pinning or liking for 24-48 hours. Don’t panic, just slow down your pinning when your access is restored.
  • Business accounts may have higher limits, especially if you promote pins. But start conservatively and build up as you see how your audience responds.

The key is to start pinning, see how your followers interact, make adjustments, and slowly build up your numbers while maintaining high quality. Keep an eye on your stats and limits; your Pinterest account can continue growing and thriving.

Why Pinterest Has Pin Limits

Pinterest limits the number of pins you can add each day to keep its platform running smoothly and prevent spamming. But don’t worry, for casual pinners the limits are pretty generous.

As a new Pinterest user, you’ll start with a pin limit of 250 per day. This may increase over time if you establish yourself as a reputable pinner by regularly posting quality content that gets likes, repins, and new followers. Some veteran pinners have daily pin limits as high as 2,000 or more.

Pinterest wants you to build engaging boards with a variety of eye-catching images, useful ideas, and inspiring DIYs – not just pin the same thing over and over. They track your pin-to-like and pin-to-repin ratios to make sure you’re contributing value. If your pins aren’t getting much interaction, your daily limit may stay on the lower end or even decrease.

The daily pin limit also prevents anyone pinner from dominating the platform or clogging up the feeds of their followers. Can you imagine if some users were allowed to pin thousands of images per day? No one would be able to keep up with all that content and the quality would likely suffer.

By enforcing reasonable pin limits for all members, Pinterest can maintain a balance that benefits both casual and power users. The limits may seem frustrating at first, but remember that they exist to create the best possible experience for the Pinterest community as a whole.

How to Check Your Pinterest Pin Limit

To check how many pins you have left for the day on Pinterest, there are a couple of ways to find your pin limit and current count.

Check your profile

The easiest way is to simply go to your Pinterest profile. At the top, next to your profile photo, you’ll see a number that shows how many pins you have left for the day. Pinterest allows casual users to pin 50-100 pins per day. Business accounts get 200-500 pins per day. If you’re running low, you may need to space out your pinning over a couple of days.

Check Pinterest’s pin limit FAQ page

On Pinterest’s “Pin Limits” help page, they provide details on the daily pinning limits for personal and business accounts. As of 2021, most users can pin 50-100 pins per day, while business accounts get 200-500. The limits may adjust over time, so check Pinterest’s official page for the latest numbers.

Check your Pinterest analytics

If you have a business account, you have access to Pinterest analytics which provides details on your pins, impressions, and engagement. Within the “Pins” section, you can view your pinning activity for the current day as well as previous days. This will show you exactly how many pins you have posted so far today and how many you have left. For casual users without analytics, the profile and FAQ options are your best bets.

Keeping an eye on your Pinterest pin limit will ensure you don’t go over for the day, which could result in your latest pins not posting until the next day. Pacing out your pinning and not flooding your boards all at once is also a good strategy to gain more impressions and engage your followers. Check your limit, pin thoughtfully and consistently, and your Pinterest efforts will pay off.

How to Check Your Pinterest Pin Limit

Tips to Increase Your Pinterest Pin Limit

To increase your daily Pinterest pin limit, here are a few tips to try:

Optimize your account

Make sure your Pinterest account is fully optimized. Add details like your profile photo, bio, and relevant boards. Pinterest wants to see you’re using their platform seriously before increasing your limits.

Pin consistently

Keep pinning on a regular schedule, whether it’s once a day or a few times a week. Pinterest tracks how often and consistently you pin to determine when you’re ready for higher limits. If you pin frequently for a week or two and then stop for a while, your limits likely won’t increase.

  • Aim for pinning at least 3-4 times per week to start, then build up from there. Consistency is key.

Engage with your audience

Pinterest also considers how much you engage with your followers and the Pinterest community. Like and comment on other pins, follow others, and respond to any comments on your pins. Building engagement shows you’re an active, valuable pinner.

  • Try to engage with at least 10-15 other pinners per day by liking pins and following profiles. Leave genuine, thoughtful comments when possible.

Vary your content

Pin a diverse range of content to keep your followers interested. Don’t just pin the same type of image or from the same website repeatedly. Mix it up with different subjects, styles, and sources.

  • For example, you might pin DIY projects, recipes, travel destinations, home decor ideas, and more—whatever is relevant to your niche and audience.

Request a limit increase

If you’ve optimized your profile, pinned consistently for at least a month, engaged with other pinners, and shared a variety of content but your limits haven’t increased yet, you can request a higher pin limit from Pinterest directly. Explain your situation and your commitment to the platform. Many pinners have found success with this method.

With time and practice, you’ll build up your daily pin limit and gain more freedom to share content on Pinterest. Stay patient and keep working on improving your presence and engagement. Your limits and audience will continue to grow.

FAQ: Common Questions About Pinterest Pin Limits

So you’ve started pinning away on Pinterest and building up your boards, but at some point, you may start to wonder – is there a limit to how many pins you can add each day? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Pinterest pin limits.

How many pins can I add per day?

Pinterest allows most personal account holders to pin up to 200 pins per day to their boards. For business accounts, the limit is 500 pins per day. These limits are in place to prevent spamming and ensure Pinterest remains a quality source of content and ideas.

What happens if I go over the limit?

If you try to pin more than the allowed amount, Pinterest will temporarily block you from pinning any more images for the rest of the day. Your existing pins will remain on Pinterest, but new ones won’t publish until the next day when your pin limit resets. Repeatedly going over the limits could result in your account being flagged for spam, so it’s best to stay within the guidelines.

Are there any ways to increase my pin limit?

For personal accounts, the 200-pin per day limit is fixed. However, business accounts that have been verified can request a higher pin limit of up to 2,000 pins per day. To become a verified business account, you must link your website or social profiles to prove you represent a real company. Verified business accounts may also get access to Pinterest analytics and advertising options.

Do likes, comments, and repins count toward my limit?

No, only new pins that you add from images on the web or your computer count toward your daily pin limit. Interacting with other pins by liking, commenting, or repinning them does not impact your limit. Engaging with the Pinterest community is encouraged!

Hope this helps clarify Pinterest’s pinning policies and set you up for pinning success. Let me know if you have any other questions!


So there you have it, the inside scoop on Pinterest’s pin limits. As an avid pinner, it’s good to understand the platform’s rules so you can maximize your pinning power while avoiding throttling or temporary bans. The key is not to go overboard when you first start pinning – take it slow until you get a feel for how quickly Pinterest processes your pins. Once you’ve built up your reputation as a quality pinner, Pinterest may increase your limits over time.

The limits are there to prevent spam and keep the platform running smoothly for everyone. If we all do our part and pin thoughtfully and judiciously, Pinterest will continue to be the inspirational, idea-filled community we all know and love. So happy pinning – and remember, pin in moderation!

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