The Best Time to Post on Pinterest: Uncovering the Hidden Tips
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The Best Time to Post on Pinterest: Uncovering the Hidden Tips


Have you ever been wondering when is the best time to post on Pinterest? Are there any hidden gems of advice or tips to make sure you reach the right people?

Well, let me tell you something. You can find the perfect time to post on Pinterest and uncover some hidden tips, using simple techniques that don’t take up much of your time.

Pinterest is an amazing platform with so much potential, and it’s also a bit tricky to get your posts seen if you don’t follow certain guidelines. But don’t worry – in this article, I’ll explain exactly how to find the best time for your audience, as well as a few more insider tips and tricks that will help you make sure your posts stand out from the crowd. So let’s get started!

How To Post On Pinterest For Amazing Reach

Understanding the Basics of Pinterest Scheduling

If you want to maximize your visibility on Pinterest, it’s essential to understand the basics of Pinterest scheduling. Contrary to popular belief, the best time to post on Pinterest isn’t necessarily the same for everyone. It largely depends on who your target audience is and when they’re most active on the platform.

The key is to find that sweet spot where you can get maximum exposure at a time when people are more likely to be engaged with your content. To do this, start by taking a look at your Audience Insights report in order to get an overview of when people are most active on Pinterest for your target demographic. Look closely at time frames and note how users interact with similar content during those hours.

Once you’ve determined when users are most likely to see and engage with your pins, focus on adjusting and tweaking your pinning schedule accordingly. This can be done manually or with the help of an automated scheduler like Tailwind or Hootsuite. By testing different times you can get a better understanding of which times work best for your business and its goals!

Get Some Amazing Tools For Scheduling On Pinterest

Identifying the Best Time & Day to Post on Pinterest

Are you looking for the perfect time and day to post on Pinterest to maximize engagement and reach? You’re in luck. There are certain times when your content has the best chance of being seen, repinned, or going viral.

So when should you post? Generally speaking, research shows that Tuesday through Friday between 8:00 am-8:00 pm are great days to post on Pinterest. Sunday is also a good day, although traffic is significantly lower on Sundays than on other days of the week.

When it comes to times to post, remember that Peak Activity Times (PATs) vary depending on your audience’s location and interests. However, since most users are east coast US-based, 8:00 pm ET and 2:00 pm ET are generally considered PATs on Pinterest.

Need more help figuring out your target audience’s preferred PATs? Check the Account Insights page in your Pinterest Analytics dashboard for more information about when your followers are online — this will give you a better sense of when they’re most actively engaging with pins similar to yours.

Utilize Pinterest Analytics for Effective Scheduling

Analytics are your best friend when it comes to the perfect time to post on Pinterest. Fortunately, Pinterest provides users with an analytics tool that tracks trends and gives insight into when the best time to post is.

Estimated Reach

The estimated reach feature in Pinterest analytics shows the amount of time an individual Pin typically stays on the home feed, allowing you to measure your audience’s engagement by how many people you can reach. This will give you insights into what types of content work best for your audience at different times of day or days of the week.

Audience Insights

Audience insights will show you information about who’s engaging with your pins, who’s saving them, and how much reach you can expect from each one. You can then use these facts to create content that appeals more directly to the needs of your audience and schedule your pins for a time when they’re most likely online.

Using data from these tools, you can create effective scheduling tactics that take into account when would be the most effective time for Pinterest users in your target market to engage with your content—and adjust as needed. With this data, combined with other strategies such as split testing and monitoring user engagement, it is possible to optimize the posting schedule on Pinterest.

The Best Time to Post on Pinterest: Uncovering the Hidden Tips
Utilize Pinterest Analytics for Effective Scheduling

Set Up Automated Scheduling With Third-Party Apps

We know it might not seem exciting, but setting up automated scheduling with third-party apps is the perfect way to make sure your posts hit Pinterest at the right time.

Sure, you can manually pin them yourself, but why bother when you can use an app? Plus, certain apps offer added features that make it worth your while.

Choose Your App

Before you choose an app to help with your Pinterest scheduling, you should decide what features are most important. You might need a tool with a user-friendly interface or perhaps one with analytics capabilities—just make sure it’s reliable and secure.

Schedule Your Posts

Once you have the right app in place, it’s time to start scheduling posts. Be strategic when thinking about what time of day to post, taking into account factors like peak hours and maximum reach. You want timing that helps get the most engagement from followers as well as potential customers who might stumble across your pins organically.

Automate and Track Progress

The great thing about automation is that you can track progress over time and see how your posts are doing—which ones are performing best—and all without having to manually monitor each one throughout the day. This will give you insights into how your pins are doing and how to adjust content or timing for future pins so they’ll get more views on Pinterest!

Experimenting With Different Timings & Pinning Strategies

When it comes to finding the perfect time to post on Pinterest, don’t just rely on the same old tips and tricks. Instead, why not experiment with different timings and pinning strategies?

You could start by testing out a variety of posting times. By monitoring when your pins are getting the most engagement–when people are interacting the most–you can get a better sense of when the most optimal times are for you.

Do Your Research

It might help to look up existing research on best practices. If you can, find data specifically related to your industry or niche, as this could give you even more specific trends and recommendations.

Pin Consistently

Also, it’s important to stay consistent when it comes to pinning — don’t just post once in a while in random stretches. Make sure you post enough over time so that people get used to seeing your pins and associate them with your brand.

Analyze Your Results

You should also look at your analytics regularly because things might change over time. It’s important to prioritize experimentation and adjust based on performance, and if something isn’t working as well anymore, try something new!

A Complete Guide To Promote On Pinterest For Free

Frequently Asked Questions About Posting on Pinterest

You may be wondering why timing your post is so important. After all, isn’t posting the same thing as uploading a photo or video to Pinterest?

Not quite. When you upload something to Pinterest, it won’t reach your followers immediately. The Pinterest algorithm needs to decide if your post is worth showing at the top of their home page for every user.

And of course, you want to make sure that your content stands out when your followers are scrolling through their home pages. That means timing is everything when it comes to getting noticed on Pinterest.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about timing and posting on Pinterest:

  • What time should I post on Pinterest?
  • How often should I post on Pinterest?
  • Will repinning other Pins help my content get noticed?

The answers can vary depending on what type of content you’re posting and who you’re targeting. But with just a few adjustments, you can find the perfect time and frequency for your posts that will help them stand out in the crowd and get noticed by more people.


All in all, by leveraging the insights gathered from data, as well as useful tips and tricks, you can easily discover your own perfect time to post on Pinterest.

Finding the right times to post on Pinterest can be tricky, but it’s worth the effort. Not only will it drive more traffic to your profile, but it will also increase engagement. With the right strategy, you can maximize your reach and nurture your followers. Experiment with different times, analyze your results, and soon you’ll be posting content on Pinterest like a pro!

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